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Our Mission

While every story of surrogacy, egg donation and adoption is different, there is one uniformity among all cases that Tim, Cynthia and their staff can intimately relate with – an abundance of love that is ready to be shared with a little one.  With this common goal, My Surrogacy Escrow looks forward to partnering with you on this most-rewarding journey.

Tim Sullivan, Co-Founder

Attorney at Law

Tim Sullivan has been practicing law in the Tampa Bay Area for more than 10 years. He is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology and the Florida Adoption Council. 

In November of 2015, Attorney Timothy Sullivan and his wife welcomed the birth of their oldest daughter, Kayla.  During her birth, things went awry and Tim’s wife suffered hemorrhaging that medical personnel had difficulty controlling.  After an 8-hour surgery that involved multiple blood transfusions, the medical team performed a life-saving hysterectomy that stopped the bleeding.

Tim and his wife always imagined that they would have more than one child.  In fact, the thought never crossed their minds that things could happen that would prevent them from having another child “the old-fashioned way.”  But, things happened the way things happened and they were forced to confront the reality of their infertility.

After much thought and consideration of all of the options that existed to them, Tim and his wife elected to grow their family through IVF using a gestational surrogate.  Their second daughter, Emma was born in September 2018 by means of a gestational surrogate.

During this process, Tim decided to Co-Found My Surrogacy Escrow to help other Intended Parents and Surrogates through this process. He knows firsthand the questions and concerns that other Intended Parents may face and has created a company to provide peace of mind to all parties. It is Tim’s number one priority to keep you well-informed throughout the process.


Cynthia Aquino-Chicas, Co-Founder

Daily Operations & Escrow Manager

Cynthia has been helping intended parents complete their dreams through surrogacy and egg donation for the past 6 years. It was during this work that she decided to Co-Found My Surrogacy Escrow with attorney Tim Sullivan.

Cynthia’s experience in the surrogacy industry has provided her with valuable insight into the questions and concerns many intended parents and surrogates have with their escrow accounts. She also has experience in the medical billing and insurance claims industry providing her the skills to quickly and accurately decipher documents and receipts related to surrogacy escrow accounting. Cynthia is also bilingual in Spanish and English and studied at the University of Florida and the State College of Florida in accounting. The combination of her education and work background makes her a perfect fit as our Daily Operations and Escrow manager. Our Intended Parents and Surrogates will work directly with Cynthia regarding their accounts.


Lisa Maddox

Process & Auditing Management

My Surrogacy Escrow Office ManagerLisa has worked in the legal and medical fields for the over 10 years. During that time she attended the University of Georgia to pursue her degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in managerial accounting.  While attending college, Lisa worked on the political campaign of a lawyer running for District Attorney of a local circuit. She designed and organized all the marketing initiatives, analyzed voter data, and managed all the campaign finances and legal campaign filings. Lisa was also the former Director of  Data Integrity for a national medical billing company in which she was in charge of auditing all client accounts across the U.S.

Lisa specializes in creating custom business process and applications. My Surrogacy Escrow has established custom and proprietary processes to ensure your funds are secure and handled with the up most care. Our custom process provides accurate accounting with on demand account balances and reporting.