How it Works?

Every surrogacy, adoption and egg donation case is different.  Generally speaking, our office is retained to provide escrow management services after the intended parents have been matched with a surrogate, egg donor or birth mother.

After a match occurs, contracts will be prepared that memorialize the agreement between the parties and outline the financial obligations of the parties.  The funds to satisfy the financial obligations would then be placed in the escrow account of a third party, such as My Surrogacy Escrow. Funds are distributed from the escrow account in accordance with the written contract and with the express authority of the intended parents.

There are a number of reasons why funds would be distributed from your escrow account with your authorization.  These include, but are not limited to:

Payment of basic expenses for disability and recuperative time as permitted by law (commonly referred to as the “Basic Amount”);
Legal fees;
Medical expenses relating to the agreement;
Medical insurance premiums and co-pays;
Costs of medications;
Mileage reimbursement for travel relating to the agreement;
Per diem food allowance;
Lost wages;
Life insurance premiums; and
Clothing reimbursement.

The Gestational Carrier, egg donor or birth mother submits a claim for payment to our office, an email will be sent to the intended parents within 12 hours to confirm authorization to disburse the funds requested.  Once consent is received from the intended parents, payment will be generated to the appropriate recipient.